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(Are you an Investigator… or an Infiltrator?)


Dates: July 10-14
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
For Who: Gr 4 – 8

Camp Leader/Instructor:
Jeffrey Wong –

Cognitive Function: This camp aims to develop perception, attention to detail, memorization, reasoning and problem solving


Search for clues, find hidden secrets, decipher coded messages, dust for fingerprints, put together the evidence, identify your suspects, solve the crime! You will learn what it takes to be a detective who can unravel mysteries…


Perhaps if you survive detective training you could add a little sneakiness to your skills. First you solved the mysteries… now you make the mysteries. Write the codes, hide evidence in secret spaces, develop your sneaking abilities, pass along messages to fellow spies, create disguises.

After your detective and spy training, test your skills in an Escape Room style mystery! But are you the only ones on the case…?