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Minecraft Camp

Would you like to be a Minecraft whiz-kid and build your own 3D world?


Dates: July 10-14
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
For Who: Grades 4 – 12

Camp Leader/Instructor:
Blair Yochim / Teacher at MLA, and past Engineer

Cognitive Functions: visual perception skills, creativity, teamwork, planning, problem solving


Minecraft is a very popular computer video game that allows players to create their own 3-
dimensional simulated world and to interact with other players in the artificial world doing almost anything one would do in a real world. It is a very popular game amongst more than 70 million video game enthusiasts because of the impressive power that players have over their own artificial world. Players can see an “avatar” (a simulation of themselves within a video game) and see other players’ avatars within the artificial world they are creating. The players can interact with each other within the game and participate with whatever they choose to do, such as making homes or towns.

Minecraft is known for many educational benefits. Minecraft is widely known for inducing creativity as its players actually use many different types of materials and learn about their differing characteristics when using architecture techniques to design buildings, towns, mining into the ground, and performing other normal activities such as agriculture and animal management. It is often the first way children learn about the differing engineering characteristics about building materials such as wood and iron. Minecraft promotes a development in a person’s visual perception skills as they explore the artificial world they are in. Imagination and planning comes natural to players as they make changes as they develop their world.

Minecraft is not a violent video game, although there can be conflicts between players and computer-generated foes which pose problems for the players. In this camp we will discourage combative type playing and instead promote peaceful cooperation amongst players. Current experts to Minecraft and novice beginner players are all welcomed! Experience is not necessary as staff and players will all help each other to learn more about Minecraft.