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“These are incredibly adored activities!”


Dates: July 9 – 13
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
For Who: Grades K-5
Camp Leader / Instructor: Cassandra Pedro – Speech Language Aide
Cognitive Function: Language, motor skills, visual and spatial processing.


Children will be invited to participate in a fantastic “festival” of colour!! We will be making wonderful painted salt sculptures, raised salt paintings and scratch art. It’s so beautiful to watch the color fan out through the salt! The pooling swirls of liquid watercolors in melted ice water are incredible, too! Your child will never get tired of it !!! They will also have tones of fun when they do the “scratch off magic paper art” as they will see the brightly colored crayon paper appearing underneath! These projects are just TOO much fun to make and paint.

What are some of the benefits of making your own “salted paint” projects?

  • Children develop eye-hand coordination;
  • Children develop organization skills while they go through different steps;
  • Children develop language skills as they will be exposed to a variety of vocabulary;
  • Children develop imagination skills because they take full control when it comes to making and decorating their sculptures.