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Adorable Food Art Snacks

These are incredibly adored activities!


Dates: July 8-12
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
For Who: K-Grade 5

Camp Leader/Instructor: Cassandra Pedro – Speech Language Aide

Cognitive Function: Language, motor skills, visual and spatial processing.


Do you like to create fun food? If so, I invite you to participate in a fantastic food art adventure. This week is your chance to become a super creative snack chef! You’ll master super easy ways of using delicious and colorful fruits and veggies in a fun way in order to make various silly snacks which are a healthy alternative to cookies or candy. Spend your time learning the tips and tricks of the kitchen and how to create fun food snacks like silly fruit race cars, vegetable caterpillars and so on. Are you up for the challenge? At the end of this week, you’ll take home some photos of your own creations.

What are some of the benefits of making your own “adorable food art snacks” creations?

  • Children develop eye-hand coordination;
  • Children develop organization skills while they go through different steps;
  • Children develop language skills as they will be exposed to a variety of vocabulary;
  • Children develop flexible thinking skills because they will use the same fruits and vegetables to make completely different creations.