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Dragons and Dinos and Bears, oh Yeah!

Explore, Discover, and Dig Those Dinos!


Dates: July 8th to 12th
Time: 9.00 am to 12.00 pm
For Who: K – Grade 3

Camp Leader/Instructor: Ailsa Williams


THE DINOSAURS HAVE ESCAPED! Come and explore the world of dinosaurs, with a visit to the dragon’s lair, and see if we can find the ones that have escaped! Become an archeologist digging up dino bones and putting together to make our favourite dinosaur, or is it a dragon? We will learn how to become a junior archeologist, making, digging up, and identifying bones, from sand, ice, and mud, and making skeletons. We will make our own fossils using plaster of Paris and clay and may even hatch some dino eggs! We will explore different techniques for finding bones just like real archeologists.

We will make a dinosaur world looking at what they eat, where they might sleep (did you ever see a dinosaur in a bed???), where they lay their dino eggs and how they would keep safe. We will compare features of dinosaurs and how they are adapted to their environment. And the bears? Well, maybe you will discover a fossilized prehistoric bear or make your own prehistoric bearasaurus dinosaur.